Call for Sponsors

Summit | 06-13 JUNE, 2019 | VISOKO, BiH

The Mandala Academy’s inaugural event is taking place in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, June 06-13, 2019: The Summit of Infinite Possibilities, and our partners and sponsors are vital to the continuing viability and success of our recently established association.

Our mission is promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by raising awareness of South-Eastern Europe’s rich culture and heritage and by providing educational programs. These are designed to increase public commitment to the preservation of heritage as well as to thoughtfully foster well-being, primarily mental health. Our young organization is born of a lifetime commitment for wellness and sustainable lifestyle — and it takes considerable support from selected partners like you to achieve our mission.  Well-being intersects with all aspects of life, not just as a stand-alone concept, but as an integrative approach to how we should (and can) live our lives. The Mandala Academy derives its raison d’etre from these core principles.

The Summit of Infinite Possibilities is just one project of the Mandala Academy demonstrating our commitment to SDG’s.  For further inquiries on us and our programs for a sustainable future, you are welcome to email me personally at  We look forward to discussing in detail your strategic goals and tailoring bespoke solutions to align our projects with your unique strategy and target audience.


Sincerely, with gratitude and best wishes for your well-being,


Vildana Bijedic

Founder,  Mandala Academy Foundation

Founder, mandala academy foundation

Vildana Bijedic

Driven by her commitment to make a positive impact in society, Vildana began her career at the UN in war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina. She then broadened her skill set with Accenture, one of world’s leading management consulting and technology services company. Beside her enthusiasm for new technologies, one of her strongest beliefs is that education is the passport to freedom.

As someone who went overnight from being dad’s little princes to a refugee, living for years under a cloud of war, Vildana is committed to global citizenship and is an advocate for peace.

She holds a MSc from London School of Economics (LSE), a Masters from the University of Milan and a B.A. from Miami University.