Silvija Popovic

Powerhouse business woman who draws on over 15 years of educational experience and personal development training to bring her clients the instruction and advice they need to thrive. Her global reach and powerful professional connections make her one of the most sought-after international coaches in the field of mindset, motivation & business strategies.
​Silvija is fluent in six languages and speaks all over the world, teaching individuals, small businesses and corporate how to achieve personal and financial success.

​It was with through her belief in others and the value she placed on integrity that allowed Silvija to start Full Potential Intelligence Ltd. a coaching company that services a global market including Europe, the USA, and South Africa. ​Visionary, rebel and powerhouse!

Igor Turkusic

Life Coach and International Best Selling Author, Igor Turkušić, founder of SF Walker Coaching from San Francisco, a modality of coaching while walking outdoors and a Master of Human Needs has dedicated his life to study of human needs, awareness and consciousness. He walked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, creators, movers and people from numerous disciplines. Some of Igor’s passions are study and application of the separation of the physical body, ego, Soul and life force the Spirit. Discovering ways to balance them and align with your life’s purpose as well as discovery of universal laws that govern our existence. Walking in nature, conscious breathing and poetry make Igor smile.

Naomi Susan Isaacs

Charisma consultant, author, TEDxSpeaker, life coach, jazz singer, founder and CEO of the “Institue of Charismology”. Naomi is committed to empowering individuals from all walks of life to recognize and appreciate their own talents (which are sometimes not spectacular, but nonetheless of the greatest value) and thus to be enthusiastic about sharing their talents and being. Born and raised in London, she began her career as a secondary school teacher, and today she is a dedicated, innovative educator, who has mentored many stage personalities in Europe and USA and coached countless entrepreneurs and corporate employees, empowering them to advance their careers and gain more recognition and prosperity. Beside individuals, Naomi has also collaborated with prisons and youth organisations, as well as universities and large corporations. Let her share the secrets of 50 years’ experience in business and music/theatre to help you identify your own unique brand of Charisma, to become powerfully authentic and leave your personal imprint on the world.

Narcisa Turkovic

Narcisa Turkovic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is an architect who always had a strong desire to make her mark creatively. Narcisa has earned her master’s degree of architecture in Germany. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and boundless talent made her turn her energy to art and start her own coloring book. She lived in different parts of the world such as Malaysia, Germany, Egypt, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Her journeys allowed her to discover novel and diverse landscapes, cultures, arts, languages and philosophical expressions. Her designs are mostly inspired from her experiences with different cultures, in different places and architecture. Author of  Coloring Book for Adults 1, Coloring Book for Adults 2, Coloring Books Fashion Diva 1- Dresses, Fashion Diva 2- Shoes and Wonderland (inspired with BiH landscapes and history).

Nežla Adilagic

Philanthropist, entrepreneur, mentor/trainer and artist. Nežla is a dynamic person with positive energy and inexhaustible desire to explore, learn and make changes.  Since her early age, Nežla showed interest and talent for painting and art in general.  Recently, she started with dot-painting technique, but passionately. Nežla is among the first artists in the region applying this unique and delicate technique, which originates from Aborigines, Australia. In time, various decorative objects such as jewelry, canvas, paintings, stones, wooden boxes, mandalas, etc. came out. Nežla launched her own line of dot-painted necklaces which are unique by design. She seeks the inspiration for the motives in nature, cultural heritage and art. Each piece of art is unique and made with a lot of love.
Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she is a mother of a beautiful boy. Nežla holds an MBA degree from the University of Delaware, USA and is a graduate from the School of Economics and Business, the University of Sarajevo.