Speakers and Exhibitors Submission Form

Are you interested in speaking at the Summit of Infinite Possibilities?
If you are an activist and/or a thought leader with a compelling message that would resonate with our unique community, we would be very eager to talk with you. Please fill out this form to begin the process.

Any aspects of living well are welcome, such as health, beauty, fitness, ECO-trends, sustainable living.

The deadline for submission is May 19th, 2019, though we highly encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.
Our goal is to make our Summit a wonderful experience for participants and presenters alike.
We are committed to being highly flexible in working with speakers to find a commonality between their interests and the broad focus of the Summit. 
The speaker fee is €47. 
100% of the proceeds go to Mandala Academy Foundation and our commitment to sustainable development goals.

If you would like to have a Co-presenter, please list their names also
You are welcome to register as lecturer, instructor or presenter of products and/or services
Our Summit is open to a variety of subjects, including aspects of living well such as health, sustainable living, clean beauty, fitness, mindfulness, eco tourism, etc. Have an idea? Please feel free to reach out to us to explore further.
Purpose and goal of your presentation
You are welcome to submit your preferred date of participation on only one or on several days during the Summit!
Daily Program begins at 6:30 AM with meditation and/or yoga

all participation at the summit is interactive
We have rented private homes within walking distance to accommodate interested Summit participants.

We welcome you to submit proposals for more than one category or topic at our Summit, however, please submit a SEPARATE APPLICATION for each proposal. We sincerely appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.
We will gladly take care of any bookings for you, however the Foundation does NOT cover your lodging, food, tickets to Summit’s program, or ANY other expenses that may occur as a result of your stay.