Magical, heart-shaped little country in Southeastern Europe, full of history and awe-inspiring, timeless beauty. A mix of east and west, truly a crossroads of the world.  The main venue for our Summit is Visoko’s Archaeological Park, the ancient capital of the Bosnian Kingdom.

Visoko Town

Former capital of the Bosnian Kingdom, Visoko is located 24 kilometers (15 miles) northwest of Sarajevo, nation’s capital. Its name was recorded for the first time in 1355 in a chart issued to merchants in Dubrovnik. Visoko offers a unique Archaeological Park, which includes the Bosnian Pyramids built 34.000 years ago. These structures are named Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Dragon and Love.
A complex network of passages, intersections and underground water reservoirs has been built under the
Valley of the Pyramids.
Sound amazing and incredibly unique? It is!

Pyramid of the Sun

When you stand on the summit of Visočica Hill, the royal medeival, it is believed that you are also standing on the actual top of the Pyramid of the Sun. Visit to the archaeological trenches at the northern side where synthetic concrete blocks were uncovered under the layers of soil and vegetation.  Access to the parking at the base of the pyramid and 10 minutes climbing.

Royal Town: Visoki

The summit of the Visočica Hill is the royal Old Town of Visoki, also the top of the Sun Pyramid. Stand in the vortex of electrifying and transformative energies, allowing them to unwind limitation from your mind and body. People from around the world visit this venue to experience what many believe to be the largest man-made ancient pyramids on earth.  Visoki was a well-known medieval town and fortress that was built during the 14th century.  At the foot of Visočica Hill is today’s town of Visoko.

Underground Labyrinth

Visoko’s prehistoric tunnels spread beneath the Valley of Pyramids, consisting of a labyrinthine network of tunnels and chambers with a high concentration of negative ions that clean the blood and body of viruses and bacteria. The elements promote regeneration, detoxification and self-healing. The negative ions in the air of the tunnels have a quality that is not found in this constellation in the world.


Located close to the labyrinth’s entrance, the museum showcases a number of satellite photos, energy measurements, and lab analyses as well as the artifacts discovered during the excavation. Number of satellite photos, energy measurements, lab analysis and radiocarbon dating can be found at the museum.

Energy Park

A natural complex, with unique energetic healing and spiritual qualities. Numerous platforms for yoga and meditation, in addition to several one of a kind installations, including an “aura amplifier”, megalithic blocks, geo-punctual circle, stone labyrinths, crystal healing installations, a spiral botanical garden, and more. This park, aka Ravne 2, is considered the most unique energy park in southern Europe. It’s a place for deep recharging and relaxing, a journey that is taking you to your authentic inner center, your infinite strength and peace.

wellness center

The Summit’s Wellness Center is located in Foundation’s Air-Spa. Relax or indulge in a massage. Various well-being treatments are available, including detoxing face/body clay body wraps.

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